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1986 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth
1986 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth
1986 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth
1986 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth
1986 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth
1986 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth "Group N" (Time Capsule) 

Great provenance and history
Matching Numbers Original Car

Powerful Cosworth Engine

Incredibly well conserved.

Probably the best and most original Sierra RS Cosworth Gr.N available


Famous ownership including german racing drivers Roland Asch and Manfred Stonheimer.

Original and unmolested "Time Capsule" Condition presenting the original racing livery and paint, racing seats, radios, and timing devices.

Probably the best preserved Sierra RS Cosworth in the world! 

The car did several Rallys in late 80s and early 90s, stored and kept maniacally since its racing days.

Car was prepared by Wolf Racing (DE), probably the best Ford Sierra RS Cosworth specialist at that time.

Only 47,000 km in the counter.

Gentlemen Drive Magazine wrote this recently in its issue #21:
"The Ford Sierra RS Cosworth was born as a high-performance version of the Sierra, being a Ford Motorsport project to produce an outright rally car winner.
Engine was developed by Cosworth and the result was a superb turbo charged engine with a road output of 204 hp and a race output with more than 300 hp.
Around 5000 models were built as a requirement for participation to Group A, more than the sales forecast they had so to make its price very competitive they decided only to offer the car in 3 exterior colors (black, white and moonstone blue) and one interior colour (grey).
The car was first presented to the public in Geneva Motorshow in March 1985 although pro- duction started a year later and production was ended in 1987. At the end 5545 were manufac- tured in total of which 500 were sent to Tickford for conversion to the Sierra three-door RS500 Cosworth.
In competition, the Sierra RS Cosworth was successful yet the rear-drive car never won a loo- se-surface World Rally Championship event, but in the hands of drivers such as Stig Blomq- vist, Carlos Sainz and Ari Vatanen it frequently finished in the top five, except when conditions were particularly slippery. On tarmac it was a much more serious competitor, and a young Didier Auriol won the 1988 Corsica Rally outright, the only time that season that Lancia were beaten in a straight fight. However, as Lancia developed the Delta Integrale further and new cars such as the Toyota Celica GT-Four ST165 appeared, the Cosworth became steadily less competitive.
Thanks to strong support and readily available parts from Ford Motorsport, the Cosworth was a popular car with private teams. Moreover, below world championship level, four-wheel-drive opposition was limited at the time, and the Cosworth was as fast as any of its two-wheel-drive rivals. It lacked the fine handling of the BMW M3, for example, but on the other hand it was much more powerful. It was also very reliable. Consequently it became a very popular car at national championship level, and during the late 1980s Sierra drivers won many national series. Jimmy McRae took the British Rally Championship in a Sierra in 1987 and 1988, whilst Carlos Sainz won the Spanish Champions- hip in the same years, to name but two. The Cosworth was popular with spectators because it was visually dramatic, with its flame-spitting exhaust and tail-sliding, rear-drive handling; and it was popular with amateur dri- vers because it was competitive, robust and relatively cheap to maintain.
After some years as a forgotten model, recently came back as a collector car and nowadays is starting to be a very sought-after model. Is barely diffi- cult to find one in an original good shape, so if you find one, don ́t hesitate and get it. Is a good investment that will bring you a lot of fun behind the wheel. Rally Cars with pedigree are almost impossible to get, and norma- lly Group A and Group N had been transformed over the years. If you are lucky enough to get a period racing time-capsule unmolested you got the Big Bonus!

Competitive price. Contact us!


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