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1988 Ford Fiesta XR2
1988 Ford Fiesta XR2
1988 Ford Fiesta XR2
1988 Ford Fiesta XR2 mkII

Amazing original condition

Only 3 owners from new

All records, original books and service invoices

Unique oportunity 

80's iconic hatchback


In August 1983 the Fiesta mk1 range was replaced by a more rounded mk2 version. The same basic bodyshell was used but given a new smoother front end and re-styled tailgate. As usual Ford chose to hold back the sporty model until the normal range had made its mark on buyers, so no XR2 to be seen. Except for sneak previews in the " Ford Sales Staff only" confidential literature which showed a black left hand drive XR2.

Was in 1984 that the first units of the XR2 were available for the press and soon the iconic hatchback made the cover of all motor magazines. Was an instant love for youngsters and a direct rival for the VW Golf GTI and the Peugeot 205 GTI.

In August 1986 Ford gave the XR2 a midlife revamp in both the mechanical and interior trim areas. Mechanically the early car had featured a hemi-head CVH 1.6 litre engine using a weber 32/34 DFT carb, but due to new emission laws it was revised to a lean-burn design using a weber 28/32 TLD carb. Performance for the early car was rated at 96 bhp with 112 mph top speed and 8.7 seconds ( optimistic- more like 9.0) to 60. With 60 reached in 2nd gear due to the tall 3.58:1 gearing. Revised cars were still rated at 96 bhp but its widely agreed that it was more like 90 bhp, and because a smaller carb was used Ford lowered the gearing to 3.84:1 to give the car a chance of doing its 109 mph top speed and reaching 60 in 9.3 seconds, but this time in 3rd gear. Other mechanical changes included revised brake servo positioning and a different master cylinder, early cars had a "straight" mounted servo with a long rough cast master cylinder and later cars and a "rising" servo with a stubby black powdercoated master cylinder. This brake revision was mainly because that later cars had a new ignition distributor with the control unit on it making it long enough to hit the early master cylinder. Early cars had a separate ignition module mounted on the nearside engine bay bulkhead.Early models registered in mid 1986 have been found to have the later model brake set up. There is nothing between the two in performance terms, they're both shocking by modern standards.

The car presented here is a 1988 example with a clean ownership timeline and only 150,000 km well documented. 

The car has all the books, service invoices and even the second key. A real survivor from the 80's excesses.



Asking Price: 10,000€



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