1927 RollsRoyce Phantom I
1927 RollsRoyce Phantom I
1927 RollsRoyce Phantom I
1927 RollsRoyce Phantom I
1927 RollsRoyce Phantom I
1927 RollsRoyce Phantom I
1927 Rolls Royce Phantom I

Exceptional Park Ward limousine body


Original UK Registration Number: PN925


Chassis Number: 23EH 

Engine Number: 23EH


The Phantom I was Rolls-Royce’s replacement for the original Silver Ghost. Introduced in 1925, the Phantom I had a larger engine than the Silver Ghost and used pushrod-operated overhead valves instead of the Silver Ghost’s side valves.  

The New Phantom used the same frame as the Silver Ghost with semi- elliptical springs suspending the front axle and cantilever springs suspending the rear axle.4-wheel brakes with a servo-assistance system licensed from Hispano-Suiza were also specified, though some early US models lacked front brakes. In fact, only the chassis and mechanical parts were made by Rolls-Royce. The body was made and fitted by a coachbuilder selected by the owner. Coachbuilders who produced bo- dies for Phantom I cars included Barker, Park Ward, Thrupp & Maberly, Mulliner and Hooper. This very car is an stunning example from the perfect work and well designed details by Park Ward that impressed Henry Royce. Sumptuous and imponent but with extremly elegant proportions is considered the quintessentially of luxury on wheels. This matching number Rolls Royce was registered in UK in 1927 under PN925. With the same family ownership since then, came to our collection in the 90’s attending different classic car gatherings in Spain. A perfect car for long tours and concourses d’elegance.


The car has FIVA passport and Spanish documents.






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